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The sun is shining!

25 Feb

Solve, Henrik and Sondre worked the tan and did some laps in Brevent today.. The snow was everything from dry pow, slush to hard and unforgiving. Henrik has smashed his knee again so he was the photo-dude today. Enough said, here you got some pics:

Sondre stomping the 360!








Solve taking on some small cliffs!



Sondre dropping in!

Solve popping the rock!









And here are some more from a session in Le-Tour two or three weeks ago:


Backflip by Solve









Henrik stoked on the grab!

Christopher lifting off in Le Tour

Henrik handdrag along the edge!









PS. Take a look at Sondre`s blog as well Check!


First snow in ages…

18 Feb

After a long and depressiv period the snow finally came to Chamonix! Not much, but hell, we’ll take anything. As two is home in Norway it was up to Solve and Filip to shred the new powder. The trip went up the Aguille de Midi and down Mer du Glace. Couldn’t say it was faceshots all the way, but we at least got some pretty good turns. Petter Tangenes also shredded with us, a pretty little boy from Stavanger;)

Put together a helmetcam-edit from the decent. Not the best quality, due to fog and the lack of light. Anyways you might just wanna take a look. The heli-incident at the end was a guy who broke his foot and had to be flown out.


14 Feb

Well, apart form the face we showed you in the college huckfest edit, there havent been much to write home about in Chamonix lately. So when it started snowing heavily on the west-coast of Norway last week, Henning and Henrik thought the only right thing was to get there quick.. Together with Morten Christensen and Martin Widèn we took a plane to Oslo on Tuesday. We stayed in Drammen some hours to get some rest and hit the road 05.00 am, with direction west.. Since then we have been cruising perfect deep snow in a partly steep forest with tons of pillows!

College Huckfest final edit!

5 Feb

As earlier announced we have had some nice riding and some editing going on the last two days. Solve and Henrik are riding with Christopher Lange and Henning Skjetne  these days. Thanks to Henning and his friend Martin? we found maybe the only eazy-axcessible untuched snow left in the valley.  Salut!


Huckfest in Le Tour

3 Feb

Shadow is the place to be. This we have found out in a north face in Le Tour, Chamonix. We had some good fun there today, and hoping to put together an edit from it. This teaser is all we got for now…

Roadtrip-Interrail, wrom wrom

2 Feb
As you most likely have understood there has been some pretty bad freerideconditions in Chamo lately.
We heared some rumors about some snow in Engelberg. And at a party in The Matchbox last sunday we found out that we had to check it out. Henning rented a car and we all head off to the Swiss alps. Crazy ass Caroline also joined us at the trip. Continue reading

Aiguille du Plan

20 Jan

There been a while since the last post now, for several reasons.. I (Henrik) have had a little troubble with a knee. The rest of the guys have been on the mountain but with lack of snow and mostly suncriusing in Flegere there hasn`t really been much to write home about..

Anyways, since there hasn’t been any snow falling for a long time and high temps here lately we decided to do some trips around the Aiguille du Midi..

Mostly to get to know the terrain better, secondly with a hope to find some good snow. After a little planning around the breakfast-table yesterday the new plan became Aiguille du Plan 3613 mas. (a top on the ridge a little north-east of du Midi). The whole crew went up and started hiking, but realized that we didn`t have time to reach the top when we was about halfway up. So we returned to the matchbox for some tacos and vine-tasting with friends..

Our defeat on our way to the Aiguille du Plan was hard for Henning and Henrik. Therefore we(Henning and Henrik) dropped  the last part of the vine-tasting and got up early today.  To make it short, we reached the top (dropped the last 30m pure climbing, but still..). Unfortunately some fog came the last 50 hight-meters, but we got a few pics and OK snow on the decent:)

Continue reading