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To those who dont know..

12 Jan

To those who dont know, this blog is not being updated anymore.

Solve and Henrik hooked up with a new crew of radical bloggers from Norway and Sweden and is now posting serious shit here:

See u in the mountains!


19 Jul

Hi and sorry for the lack of updates lately, I got a little lazy on blogging as the snowboard-season was fading out.. The last 7 weeks I`ve been working my ass off, making norwegian roads, but now its vacation and I want to share a few summer goodies from Veko with you!

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Now I`m off to Portugal for some surfin.
Enjoy your summer!



Påskeskirenn (Easter-ski-race)

26 Apr

Solve and Henrik is still on the road. Since last time in Tromsø we went south again and back to the west coast, cruising around in the car seeking new places to go board. And we really have had some good shreds, both forestruns and step colouirs. First we went to Ørsta to compete in Xfree during the X2 Festival. Henrik tripped out of the first drop so basically ruined his run. Solve stomped a good first cliff and butt-checked on the second one, which gave him 2. place. Had some awesome days and party here with good friends.

Then easter came which we spent on Asbjørn Hellås cabin in Handeland south of the Folgefonna glacier. Here we both had the sea were we went fishing and the mountains were we went hiking. Put together a little non-serious edit from this. Thanks a lot to Asbjørn and his parents for the accomodation and food.

Somewhere in the edit you can get a glimps of what is probably the first nude roadgap over nude longboarder;)


The tour is on!

4 Apr

I have now met up with Solve and we`re on quite a tour.. We took the car to Stranda together with Marta Lidstöm after the heavy rain on the entire west-coast, the weather became colder and soon the rain changed to a pretty dump:)

After some days on the mountain with the locals Kjersti Foss and Magnus Valland there was time to head east again, leave the car and jump on a plane to Bodø. From Bodø we took the Hurtigruta ferry to Svolvær in Lofoten with big expectations. The expectations was soon to be met, as we woke up to great snow and of course outstanding mountains! We were aiming to participate in the freeride competition there and Solve was on course in the pre-kval. Unfortunatly he sendt it too hard, had a little but-check and didn`t make it to the finals this time… Henrik was next to deliver in the first day of finals the day after.. The sun was shining, snow was good and he went for a quick and clean run as the fist rider of the day.. Enough to place him second, happy with that!


The wiew from our terrace

Now we`re in Kaldfjorden in Troms to check out Hennings “little” playground.. Crossing fingers for the weather as the forecast don`t look too good..

A little update from Henrik

21 Mar

Been a while since last update, sorry for that… I (Henrik) have been i Norway for some time now and getting online have been a little stress.. I`ve been in Voss to ride the Voss freeride comp. but it got canceled due to fog and avalanche risk, so we did some funky fresh forest runs insted, check it out here:

I`ve also been some nice days in Sogndal (great thanks to Ronja and Silje for a nice bed) and had nice hikes and good snow all the way! nice nice

At the moment I`m in Hemsedal with my man Daniel, riding some slush in the park and waiting for Solve to show up on Wednesday..

When I was in Sogndal in February I took some footage from my helmet, which I finally have thrown together, check out the good snow here:

Finding snow…

8 Mar

The spring has truly arrived here in Chamonix and there isn’t much left of the latest snowfall. We have had some nice days in the sun though, mostly around Brevent/Flegere to work the tan and slush skills… Yesterday we enjoyed a northface in the valley between Brevent and Flegere, and we made this short edit from Sondre and Henrik`s runs:

Another day in Brevent

1 Mar

Stumbling out of bed this morning with a bit of hangover from yesterday, we decided to go up and shred in Brevent. Henrik, Solve and our pals Henning Skjetne, Sondre Lindkjølen and Magnus Davidsen from the Noble Huck Crew were the team today.

Took som runs in the Hotel – Face and did some shooting in a crowd pleasing short north face near the pist. Starting to get some material for a new video-edit, but in the meantime you can take a look on these photos from today.


Quote of the day: (by a middle-aged english snob as we shredded the crowd pleasing face)

”Not too bad, could have been better…”


The sun is shining!

25 Feb

Solve, Henrik and Sondre worked the tan and did some laps in Brevent today.. The snow was everything from dry pow, slush to hard and unforgiving. Henrik has smashed his knee again so he was the photo-dude today. Enough said, here you got some pics:

Sondre stomping the 360!








Solve taking on some small cliffs!



Sondre dropping in!

Solve popping the rock!









And here are some more from a session in Le-Tour two or three weeks ago:


Backflip by Solve









Henrik stoked on the grab!

Christopher lifting off in Le Tour

Henrik handdrag along the edge!









PS. Take a look at Sondre`s blog as well Check!


First snow in ages…

18 Feb

After a long and depressiv period the snow finally came to Chamonix! Not much, but hell, we’ll take anything. As two is home in Norway it was up to Solve and Filip to shred the new powder. The trip went up the Aguille de Midi and down Mer du Glace. Couldn’t say it was faceshots all the way, but we at least got some pretty good turns. Petter Tangenes also shredded with us, a pretty little boy from Stavanger;)

Put together a helmetcam-edit from the decent. Not the best quality, due to fog and the lack of light. Anyways you might just wanna take a look. The heli-incident at the end was a guy who broke his foot and had to be flown out.


14 Feb

Well, apart form the face we showed you in the college huckfest edit, there havent been much to write home about in Chamonix lately. So when it started snowing heavily on the west-coast of Norway last week, Henning and Henrik thought the only right thing was to get there quick.. Together with Morten Christensen and Martin Widèn we took a plane to Oslo on Tuesday. We stayed in Drammen some hours to get some rest and hit the road 05.00 am, with direction west.. Since then we have been cruising perfect deep snow in a partly steep forest with tons of pillows!