Påskeskirenn (Easter-ski-race)

26 Apr

Solve and Henrik is still on the road. Since last time in Tromsø we went south again and back to the west coast, cruising around in the car seeking new places to go board. And we really have had some good shreds, both forestruns and step colouirs. First we went to Ørsta to compete in Xfree during the X2 Festival. Henrik tripped out of the first drop so basically ruined his run. Solve stomped a good first cliff and butt-checked on the second one, which gave him 2. place. Had some awesome days and party here with good friends.

Then easter came which we spent on Asbjørn Hellås cabin in Handeland south of the Folgefonna glacier. Here we both had the sea were we went fishing and the mountains were we went hiking. Put together a little non-serious edit from this. Thanks a lot to Asbjørn and his parents for the accomodation and food. http://www.god-stemning.com

Somewhere in the edit you can get a glimps of what is probably the first nude roadgap over nude longboarder;)



One Response to “Påskeskirenn (Easter-ski-race)”

  1. bjørn 26. April 2011 at 19:08 #

    kos, fra ende til annen!

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