The tour is on!

4 Apr

I have now met up with Solve and we`re on quite a tour.. We took the car to Stranda together with Marta Lidstöm after the heavy rain on the entire west-coast, the weather became colder and soon the rain changed to a pretty dump:)

After some days on the mountain with the locals Kjersti Foss and Magnus Valland there was time to head east again, leave the car and jump on a plane to Bodø. From Bodø we took the Hurtigruta ferry to Svolvær in Lofoten with big expectations. The expectations was soon to be met, as we woke up to great snow and of course outstanding mountains! We were aiming to participate in the freeride competition there and Solve was on course in the pre-kval. Unfortunatly he sendt it too hard, had a little but-check and didn`t make it to the finals this time… Henrik was next to deliver in the first day of finals the day after.. The sun was shining, snow was good and he went for a quick and clean run as the fist rider of the day.. Enough to place him second, happy with that!


The wiew from our terrace

Now we`re in Kaldfjorden in Troms to check out Hennings “little” playground.. Crossing fingers for the weather as the forecast don`t look too good..


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