Finding snow…

8 Mar

The spring has truly arrived here in Chamonix and there isn’t much left of the latest snowfall. We have had some nice days in the sun though, mostly around Brevent/Flegere to work the tan and slush skills… Yesterday we enjoyed a northface in the valley between Brevent and Flegere, and we made this short edit from Sondre and Henrik`s runs:


2 Responses to “Finding snow…”

  1. Andefot 11. March 2011 at 02:53 #

    Bare aa si fra om dere trenger bakgrunnskommentering av triksene i filmene deres.

    jeg har kommentert endel fo/r i stuen og provd mange av triksene selv i mine yngere dager, riktignok uten aa ha landet noen av dem.

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