Roadtrip-Interrail, wrom wrom

2 Feb
As you most likely have understood there has been some pretty bad freerideconditions in Chamo lately.
We heared some rumors about some snow in Engelberg. And at a party in The Matchbox last sunday we found out that we had to check it out. Henning rented a car and we all head off to the Swiss alps. Crazy ass Caroline also joined us at the trip.
Monday in Engelberg we had some pretty good riding down Steinberg and Galteberg. Though we lost the powderdump by 2 days, the snow where still dry and fresh. We hooked up with Oscar, a friend of Filip, and he was our local guide. Later in the evening we joined in on what they call the Mad Monday, which pretty much is what it sounds like.


The next day we split up. Filip, Henning and Caroline went up to ski again, before their return to Chamo the same evening.
Solve and Henrik sat their asses on a train to Silvaplana (St. Moritz) for this seasons first contest. The Engadin Snow.
It’s a 3* contest in the Freeride World Qualifier, and it was going to be interesting to check out the level of the riders outside Norway.
We lived at a little nice hotel called Chesa Silva all by ourself the first days. Already that night we met the chief of Engadin Snow, Christian Mueller. A man with more energy than a busload of AD/HD kids on Red Bull(in a positive way). He gave us all the infomation we needed and made sure we had enough liftpasses and beer every day. Cheers.
Wedensday we checked out the face, and had some cruising around in the Corvatcsh Resort. Later that night we got our startingnumber, which was 84 and 92. A bit dissapointed about that, but what could we do.
The FWQ comp. went down on Thursday. There was a pretty high level at the snowboarding, which was inspiring.  Solve came out with a 15. and Henrik with a 16. place of 28, could have went out better, but but, its not only only…
Solve went down the red line and Henrik the blue.

Lines in the face

Friday we took some more runs in the resort and went to the Engadine night-show, which was crazy!
The rest of the story contains mostly train-cruising and waiting..
We are now back in Chamo, and had a gnar huck-session with Christopher Lange and Henning Skjetne in surprisingly good snow today!  You can check out the start of it here: 
  from there it just became better:)

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