The plan that changed several times…

14 Jan

Story from Solve, Henning and Filip:

Today we had a plan to ride down to Hellbronner…..the plan changed. We set out at 08.00 a clock to make the first gondol up to Aguille du Midi, but went back to the apartment disappointment and had to wait for info until 10.00 am. After some additional breakfast and sleep we went back to gondol and went up to Aguille du Midi. From there we trialed down along side the fence and rode down skiers right towards Hellbronner. Got a few nice turns and traversed the rest. When we reached the bottom of the glacier up to the italian border Solve and Filip split their boards and everyone put their tractor skins on. Then we started the ascent up towards the Col orient de Toule where the italian border is. We tracked up the mountainside for several minutes before we reached the “top”. There we met the furious weather gods….! God almighty Wind had turned on us, we had to get to safety. Our goal to get to Hellbronner didn’t come through. We had to admit our defeat and turn around.

When we got back across the crevasses Solve and Filip mounted their board together and everyone was ready to set off towards Kollektivets safehouse (The Matchbox). Down in the valley the wind died down, but Solve and Filip with their splitboard met another challange. The glacier was flat and they had to start crosscountry-snowboarding. The few hundred meters was exhausting. Scootch, scootch…awwwh. Finally the glacier decented and we were back on track. But some swedes who traversed above us made it a lot more frightning than it should have been. With avalanche risk and some drunken old swedes as obstacles on our way down we made it to safety. We’re happy to be alive to tell you this story…=)


Written by

Koeningsbier and Bache XO

Based on a true story!


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