Italy, fog and powder!

7 Jan

The past two days the crew has been in Courmayeur hunting faceshots. Thursday we tracked up some good snow, but had to do some hiking to find the real untouched sweetspots.. Today we went back since the snowfall kept on during thursday evening, smart choice! We had some real good snow today, pillows, sprays etc. Unfortunatly the lense on our helmetcam was all iced up after the first run today so all we got to show you is this little snowreport from thursday filmed on a cellphone;)


2 Responses to “Italy, fog and powder!”

  1. Trude 11. January 2011 at 01:31 #

    Stas å følge (den nye) bloggen deres gutta! Endelig har vi fått litt pudder i Norge også, men tipper dere har det hakket bedre! Enjoy og be safe!

    • kollektivetfreeride 11. January 2011 at 15:39 #

      Takk så masse Trude! Har vært litt labert med snø rett over nyåret i Chammo, men har kommet en del i det siste=) Kos deg i Norge! Si fra hvis du tar turen til alpene!

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