16 Nov

Yeah, last weekend went a little anxious bunch of  boarders and skiers to the mountains of  Hemsedal. Anders Kleven, Helge B Enitch and Henrik Burvang took the car from Oslo/Drammen and hooked up with Linn-Hege and Daniel at the main core cabin in Grønndalen. Since the snow-conditions in the wally wasn’t all that, we decided to hit Vikafjellet near Voss on Saturday. We had heard some serious rumors of good snow on Vika, but met a crowded parking-lot and wind-packed snow.. Anyways, it was a nice hike up to prepare the body for å new season. At the way down we suddenly hooked up with some friends from Bergen, Gaute Løvlien and Asbjørn Hellås and they joined our ride down, nice!

Helge, Anders and I also tested some clothing from OR, really good stuff! And a genius Power-monkey from Uhrweder Sport.

After a little chat at the bottom we drove back to Hemsedal for some beers around the fireplace in the cosy cabin..

Thanks for a great weekend, hoping for better snow next time;)


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