Wild Volda, XFree

29 Apr

Yeah, this weekend it was time for the last round in the Norwegian Freeride Cup! Filip and Henrik drove down Thursday morning to reach the riders meeting.. This time we actually showed up in good time, witch we don’t usually do.. After the meeting we met Anders Eidså, head chief of the longboard comp. We didn’t have any plans about where to live at that point so he luckily offered us to live in his dad`s house, supernice!

Early Friday morning we went up to Bondalseidet ski resort, where the qualifications was meant to be.. Because of totally whiteout we had to wait for a while in the top-cafe. After a few hours thought the organizer we could do an attempt, but it turned out to be pointless ..
At least we got a couple of turns in the resort, and with better weather forecast for Saturday, people were optimistic.

The crowd went instead down to Ivar Aasen hotel in Ørsta to celebrate David Underlands 30-year day .. Wonderful social evening with cake, hats, chair dancing and Longboardskating:)

Saturday it was up even earlier to reach the good weather in the mountains … Or rather, skiers had earlier on, the snowboarders was about to start last so it was not very stressful ..
This day went very according to plan for the organizers .. The qualification was surprisingly painless! Filip had a steady and solid run, got a little lost before the last drop, but saved in good again.. The mountain was quite convex until the last dropzone, so it was not easy to hit straight. Henrik was happy with his run, showed little emotional big mountain style at the top of the face, and concluded with a solid drop further down.

After a bit, if and but it was decided to run some finals. Finals were held in the same face, something boring, but understandable in terms of time and other logistics. Henrik came with David Underland and Morten Brøckerman to the finals. David and Morten are solid snowboarders, so Henrik decided to go all in and have some fun. He started his run with a big fs 360 melon, followed by some thomahawking, so to ride on down to more exposed parts og the face. He missed the last drop, but came down with a little creativity ..

This would prove to hold a 4. place for Filip and 2. for Henrik, very happy with that!

The party afterwords was long and wet. The trip home, even longer …

Here`s some pics from Henriks last run

Vi vil også gratulere Halfdan Knudsen fra trønderlagsbanden med en knallsterk 6. plass i alpint klassen!

Takk for husly Eidså, takk for maten Kjersti, Ingvild, Vivian og Trond!


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